My Visual Studio Code extensions for PowerShell development

Good evening, though I should share some of my extensions I use for PowerShell development in Visual Studio Code. This post will probably be updated when I find new cool and useful extensions. You might have a few yourself?


The most important extension for PowerShell development. It provides rich PowerShell language support, where you can write and debug scripts using Visual Studio Code.

Some of the features the extension provides, which makes it a dream to work with PowerShell development in Visual Studio Code over PowerShell ISE.

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code snippets
  • Find references of cmdlets and variables
  • Run selected selection using F8
  • IntelliSense for cmdlets and more.

Get the extension here:

Azure Repos

This extension is handy when working with Azure DevOps and Team Foundation Server. It allows you to monitor your commits, builds and manage pull request for your TFVC or Git repositories.

Get the extension here:

Better Comments

This extension adds color coded comments that makes it easier to categories your comments in the following categories, Alert, Query, Highlights, TODOs and commented out code.

Sample Comments

Get the extension here:

Log File Highlighter

This extension is useful when checking log files, by adding color highlighting to the log files.

Get the extension here:

Waka Time

This is and extension for metrics, insights and time tracking. Quite useful when working on projects, to see how much time you spent on each project. That later can be use to estimate how long a certain task will take. And it’s always fun to look at the email sent each week how much time you spent in Visual Studio Code and what you worked on.

For instance, this is my metrics from my development of the blog, in the period from 27.05.2019 until 02.06.2019.

My wakatime metrics

Get the extension here:

Random Everything

This extension let’s you generate random ints, floats, strings and words. Useful if you struggle with the imagination when creating dummy content, much like Lorem Ipsum.

Get the extension here:

Lorem Ipsum

Speaking of Lorem Ipsum, this is also a useful extension to easy create dummy content. A lot more used in web development, but it’s sometimes useful when creating scripts also.

Get the extension here:

Well, that’s pretty much the extensions I use during the time of writing. As mentioned earlier I will update the post when I find more neaty extensions.

Thank’s for reading!

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