Image of tab that is hidden by a javascript function in Dynamics 365

How to hide and show a tab in Dynamics 365 based on a field value

A sample function on how you can show and hide a tab based on a Yes/No field in Dynamics 365. To use the script create a new script or add the function to an already existing web resource and add it to the forms on load event and the on change event on the field.

function HideOrShowSection(executionContext) {
    const formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
    let displaySection = formContext.getAttribute("fe_displaysection").getValue();

    if (displaySection == true) {
    } else {

Add an on change event on a Yes/No and on form load to hide or show based on the value in the field when the row is loaded. Example on how it looks to add to the different events in Power Platform admin center.

The on change event

Image of how to add on change on a field on the contact form.

The on load event

Image of how to add form on load on the contact form.

How it looks like when the Display Section is Yes the tab is visible.

Image of when the tab is visible

And how it looks when the Display Section is No the tab is hidden.

Image of when the tab is hidden

Hope you found this little snippet useful.

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